In 2018 the outcome of an extensive bargaining process achieved many significant improvements to your 2014 Collective Agreement including;

  • Paid Parental Leave increased to 12 Weeks
  • Family Violence Leave increased to 20 days.
  • Annual increases to allowances
  • Wage increases based on either the annual Fair Work Commission increase or Hobart CPI, whichever is higher.
  • Improved Minimum Engagement provision
  • NO reductions to conditions or entitlements contained in your 2014 Collective Agreement.

It was agreed that the only changes that would be made to the Collective Agreement that you voted up in 2018 would be changes required by Fair Work and agreed formatting changes.

The idea was that this could be achieved quickly so your Agreement could be voted on and lodged for approval ASAP allowing Anglicare workers access to the improved conditions and entitlements negotiated in 2018; Anglicare has now proposed a list of changes that are clearly reductions to your 2018 Collective Agreement.

Changes proposed by Anglicare that are of most concern are:

  • Reduction in Minimum engagement – Anglicare has not provided details of what they are proposing or wanting to achieve through this change. Any reduction to the minimum engagement provision could have negative impacts across the organisation!
  • Notice of resignation – Anglicare proposes to increase the notice workers needs to provide from 1-2 weeks to 4 weeks.
  • Review of contracted hours – The 2018 agreement says Anglicare must review part-time hours every six months to check that contracted hours match up with regular hours worked. Anglicare says that they should not undertake regular reviews as it should be up to the worker to check!
  • Removal of the Performance Management Clause – Anglicare proposes this important clause is removed from your Agreement and into policy. A policy can be changed at any time and not necessarily for the better!

The ASU will strongly oppose any reductions to the entitlements and conditions contained in the Anglicare 2018 Collective Agreement.

We will be back at the bargaining table on June 11 and will keep ASU members updated.

Know someone who is not a member? Forward them this email and ask them to join online at

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser/Tasmanian Social and Community Services Coordinator
Kath Milbourne | 0429 004 237 |

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