The ASU has had concerns for some time about possible future private sector involvement in VicRoads Registration and Licensing. We have called on the Treasurer to confirm that it, and your job, would remain under public control, and in public hands. We have had no response to these enquiries, yet we understand that in question time today the Treasurer has refused to rule out letting the private sector get their hands on VicRoads.

More private sector involvement in public services is unpopular with workers, because it inevitably leads to job cuts, lower wages, and poorer working conditions.  More private sector involvement in public services is also unpopular, because it leads to worse outcomes for all who have to interact with privatised services.

The Andrews Government must immediately come out and say that they are not going to sell out your job and the vital services that you provide.

The Andrews Government went to the last election with a message to Victorians that indicated they had learned from the mistakes of the past. The Premier himself admitted that “Privatisation has not worked. It’s only made things harder for families.”

Any increase in private sector involvement at VicRoads will be bad for workers and poses potential threats to the integrity of our registration and licensing system in Victoria.

We have already seen the Andrews Government grant a long term lease for the Land Titles Office and the Port of Melbourne.  The ASU fears that they have similar plans for VicRoads Registration and Licensing.

Your union, the ASU, will fight to keep your job in public hands.

The ASU office is gearing up for a campaign against the Andrews Government to keep them to keep your job in public hands.

Within the next week you will receive a petition asking you to sign up to say that you demand that the Andrews Government guarantee that your job is safe.

We will then ramp up the campaign until we win!

In the meantime please speak with your VicRoads colleagues and let them know of this betrayal by the Andrews Government and encourage them to join the ASU if they have not already. It is easy to join the ASU online at

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