The Anna Stewart Memorial Project is a 5 day program designed to encourage more women to be active in unions.

Anna Stewart, long-time campaigner for women’s rights and prominent union official, died in April 1983 and the Anna Stewart Memorial Project was established as an annual work experience program aimed at increasing women’s active union involvement.

Participants learn about how unions work and get training in a supportive environment on key aspects of union organising and growth with a focus on women’s involvement and why unions are so critical for women.

The program runs for five days from 19-23 August 2019 and includes: a Women in Politics panel, visit to the Industrial Commission, and the Unions Tas Women’s Conference.

There’ll be training on Organising & Campaigning, building union activity through recruitment & leadership development, Politics 101, and Industrial law and how it operates.

It’s not too late to nominate.  More information and the application form are available here.

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