The ASU was disappointed to learn today that the CHW bargaining team still intend to make you wait an additional 9 months for your 2022 pay increase. This is despite us showing them minutes that explicitly show that they provided in principle agreement to February pay increases throughout the bargaining process, 9 months prior to their new proposal of November pay increases. For someone earning $80,000 per year, this 9-month wait is a loss of around $1200 in wages. Superannuation, overtime, penalties and allowances would all be an additional loss, and obviously the more you earn, the more you’re missing out on.

Unfortunately, when presented with the CHW-branded minutes and other evidence, the CHW team stated that the minutes were not reflective of their experience of bargaining, and that regardless they could not provide in principle agreement as that power sits with DELWP. Their suggestion that they bargained without any authority, and that their own minutes are not reliable, puts the entire bargaining process into question and that is unacceptable by any measure.

The ASU Branch has now taken this to higher levels of government and we’re pulling out all stops in the fight to have the agreed pay rise dates upheld.

The ASU regard this conduct as a breach of the good faith bargaining requirements of the Fair Work Act. As such, your delegates and officials are working on some options to put to you, which may include protected industrial action if CHW do not adhere to the agreements made during the bargaining process.

If you have questions about this, get in touch:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |


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