The advice was received yesterday evening from the Department of Health that all aged care workers delivering personal care are required to wear masks.

Wearing masks has been established as reducing cross-infection and the Department of Health now advises all workers who work in residential aged care or provide in-home care support in Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire to wear surgical masks when providing close personal or clinical care.

Aged Care Providers must provide the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for their staff.

If you have any difficulties in accessing masks for your next personal care appointments, please speak to your Delegate or Health and Safety Representative to take the matter up in your workplace.

Please use the following links for additional information;
When you should wear a mask
How to use PPE effectively
Providing Aged care during COVID 19

The ASU was contacted by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety yesterday and asked to participate in an interview with the Commissioners about our earlier submissions.

We will provide more information about this and submissions we are planning before all submissions close on the 31 July.

Your work is of immense value and importance for everyone in the community.

Stay vigilant and stay safe.

The ASU, as always, is by your side. Know someone that is not yet a member of the ASU? It’s easy to join online at

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For further information please contact one of your ASU delegate team or your ASU Organiser.

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