Many of you will have been aware of the risks to yourself and your clients over the last few months.

We know and appreciate that you work on the frontline and have been doing your best to stay safe and protect those most at risk. Recently the government announced restrictions on some aged care workers try to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Do you have a second job in residential aged care?
You may be aware that there is a new requirement for staff working across multiple residential aged care facilities to choose a single facility to work at. What is not yet clear is how that interacts with your work at Council providing in-home aged care. Further information on this is available here.

If you are asked to change any of your working arrangements because of this requirement, please contact the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

In addition, the Federal and State Government are seeking the support of CHSP providers, including Councils, to identify people who can work in Residential Aged Care facilities. You may be approached to assess your level of interest in this. It is your choice whether you are willing to work in residential aged care or not.

If you are considering doing so, we strongly recommend that you have confirmed in writing:

  • From Council – the length of the arrangement, access to sick leave, annual leave or long service leave should you need it as well as paid leave and access to quarantine facilities should you be required to quarantine prior to your return to Council.
  • From the Aged Care Facility – the length of the arrangement, your rostered hours and employment conditions including the rate of pay.

If you need advice, please contact the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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