As you are aware City of Kingston management rolled out their proposed Kingston JobKeeper program early this week. This was done without any consultation with the ASU or representatives.

When the ASU was made aware of this program, we contacted Kingston management and notified them we were in dispute regarding their failure to consult. As soon as this dispute was raised, a meeting was hastily scheduled for the next day.

This meeting didn’t resolve any of the concerns the ASU has regarding this program. It did, however, enable some questions to be put to management, which we hope will be answered by close of business today.

We would like to say that whilst we are not necessarily opposed to the initiative, it will require further consultation to ensure members are suitably protected.

If you are approached about moving to the Kingston Jobseeker program, our advice is to not agree to anything and to inform the manager that the ASU is currently in dispute regarding this and you are not prepared to agree to anything until the dispute is resolved.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact your ASU delegate in the first instance, otherwise, call the ASU contact centre on 1300 855 570.

As always, the ASU is BY YOUR SIDE

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