The ASU is working to advance gender equality for the benefit of all members. Last week saw the first group of ASU members adopt the ASU’s Gender Equality Clause into their Log of Claims for enterprise bargaining.

Delegates and Branch officials notified management at Central Highlands Water of their intention to include a clause into the 2021 enterprise agreement to support our union’s efforts to deliver gender equality outcomes for members. There is broad agreement amongst those on both sides of the bargaining table that gender equality is the responsibility of all parties.

Meanwhile, ASU members and delegates at the CFA are completing a survey that will provide the union with an indication of members’ experience of gender violence in the workplace. It will also provide information on views about the CFA’s efforts to advance gender equality.

The survey asks for member’s ideas on the claims that will improve workers access to work-life balance, career advancement and workplace diversity.

For anyone working at the CFA, we encourage you to complete the survey and share it with your workmates.

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