Negotiations on the Yarra Valley Water agreement have recently concluded, with the agreement being submitted to the government for approval ahead of an employee vote.

It’s great to see the excellent conditions that ASU members in water have consolidated and built on.

Negotiations at Yarra Valley Water commenced before the ASU Gender Equality Clause was finalised. However, the ASU bargaining team still achieved excellent gender equality entitlements in the new agreement.

There is a lot for ASU members at Yarra Valley Water to be proud of and a lot for bargaining teams at other water authorities to look to.

Outstanding features include the introduction of Menopause leave, updated terms around surrogacy, gender affirmation, paid lactation breaks, updates to the family violence leave clause and LOTE allowance.

ASU members at Yarra Valley Water have shown by being united, we can achieve real gains for workers.

If you are a worker in the water industry and want to become a delegate and be part of negotiating your next enterprise agreement, email Matt Price at

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