There’s a crisis in local government funding that is affecting workers and communities.

Rate capping is suppressing wage growth and impacting the range, and quality of services communities demand and deserve.

There’s more pressure than ever on workers to deliver more with less and without proper recognition of the invaluable contribution they make to communities.

But ASU members arent quietly accepting this situation that is affecting them, their families and their communities.  They are getting organised and getting active.

We are holding Crisis on the Frontline meetings at many councils and talking about the need for greater funding to the local government sector and what members can do about it.

We are making member-driven submissions to the government about the impact of degraded local government services on workers and communities. Recently we let the government know about the crisis in council building control departments. You can read about it here.

And we are highlighting the outstanding work done by local government workers with the Vision Super Local Hero Awards.

Check out the Vision Super Local Hero awards criteria and nominate a workmate as a local hero here.

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