Morrison Government offers no solutions to stagnant wage growth or the rising cost of living

After almost a decade in power the Morrison Government is still missing in action on wage growth for Australian workers.

The average worker went backwards by $800 in 2021. The budget has confirmed tonight that these losses are accelerating – the Morrison Government’s own projections show workers’ wages will go backwards in the first six months of this year by an average of $500.

Every single budget this Government has handed down has predicted wage growth just around the corner, and every single year under this Government Australian workers have suffered through record-low wage growth.

But even the empty promises in this budget only show wage growth in real terms inching to 1 per cent by 2025/26.

Rather than taking sensible steps to help workers, this Government walked away while wages for Australian workers go backwards in real terms, year after year.

The Prime Minister could have given his own employees a real pay rise or supported a real increase in the minimum wage, but instead he expects workers to address constantly increasing costs with one-off payments.

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