The ASU is working to protect, promote and improve the working conditions and provide a stronger voice for energy workers.

Organisers Jonathan Smallbone and Cameron Wright are actively working for members across the energy industry.

From negotiation on behalf of members to achieve strong collective outcomes, through to representing individual members when they need a skilled advocate on their side, the ASU is making a difference every day for members.

An agreement at Jemena, and two agreements at Zinfra, have been concluded and are about to go to the vote. Bargaining is ongoing for Testers at Zinfra.

Providing workplace information, services and individual support to members is our bread and butter. However, we could not be as effective for members without the work of dedicated Delegates.

Congratulations to new Delegates Renee Closter at Origin and Andrew Walker at Energy Australia for stepping into this important role.

Across the energy industry, the ASU is providing a united and strong voice for members.

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