Leon Wiegard

Assistant Branch Secretary

P: 03 9342 3408
M: 0438 060 298
E: lwiegard@asuvictas.com.au

Leon overseas the Campaigning and Organising team for the SACS and Infrastructure industry divisions. Along with Michelle Jackson he is responsible for campaigning and growth across the Branch.

He first joined the ASU in 2006 following six years working with the Community & Public Sector Union. Leon was initially employed as an Organiser and has organised across all of the ASU Divisions.  He was part of the SACS organising team throughout most of the equal pay campaign.

Since becoming a Branch Coordinator Leon has worked alongside, delegates, members and organisers on the SACS portable long service leave campaign and the ‘Fund the Gap’ mental health campaign.  He has also worked with delegates, members and organisers in infrastructure agencies to achieve pay outcomes much higher than the national average.

The main focus of the work that Leon does with the Campaigning and Organising Team is on growing the power of the ASU across all of our industry Divisions.  Union power comes through active delegates and high union density in workplaces like yours.

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