The Australian Services Union has been actively engaging with employers in all industries to make sure the interests of ASU members are front and centre.

One example of our success is at VicRoads where the Australian Services Union has been working behind the scenes for years to get better treatment for agency staff at VicRoads.

This week we’ve had real success that will make a big difference to dedicated VicRoads workers who are employed by a labour hire agency rather than directly by VicRoads.

After the strongest advocacy by the union, Special Leave arrangements have been extended to labour hire employees.

If a labour hire employee in VicRoads Registration and licensing cannot work due to COVID-19 they now have additional protections.

This has only come about because of the hard work and campaigning by ASU members and delegates at VicRoads.

You can read more about this important recognition of labour hire staff at VicRoads here

Our union’s focus on work health and safety is also making a difference to members.

Through the strength of our union we have seen a shut-down of drive tests at VicRoads as they were an unacceptable risk to VicRoads workers.

Our network of delegates and Health and Safety Representatives across VicRoads made a real difference to the safety of members.

On compassionate grounds some drive test will still occur, and the union is working to make sure members’ work health and safety is a priority.

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