ASU Members at Maribyrnong Council have had a major win in their enterprise agreement negotiations.

Just last week they voted to accept in principle management’s latest offer, which includes no reductions to entitlements, pay increases of 2.5% in the first year, 2.25% in the second and third year, or, an extra $30 per week, whichever is higher. The offer also includes more accountability around the use of agency and labour hire staff, meaning that members at Maribyrnong will have a secure workforce for years to come.

The bargaining representatives have had a long and tough negotiation, with a hostile management that was determined to avoid any conversation on labour hire, and make changes to redundancy provisions that would have made it easier to contract out services.

After a poorly received round of CEO briefing sessions on the current EBA negotiations, Maribyrnong members voted strongly to take protected industrial action, and within a week management had withdrawn their claim to change the redundancy clause.

Just over a week after management had agreed to withdraw their claim around redundancies, staff started wearing badges and signing off emails with a note that they were taking industrial action. Just 24 hours before members were scheduled to strike, management came to the bargaining table with an offer that increased the study allowance by $1000 and training allowance by $550, increased the pay offer, and most importantly, introduced a strong clause around secure work and the use of labour hire staff. This includes a commitment to permanent work as the preferred method of employment, and quarterly reporting on the number of labour hire staff to the consultative committee.

This result was only able to be achieved by the ASU members at Maribyrnong because they were united and determined to improve their conditions at work.

And importantly, they were Stronger Together

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