The ASU protects, promotes and improves the working conditions of members. And we have been working to make sure ASU members’ concern with the culture at Glenorchy City Council are heard clearly by management.

Following feedback from ASU members about workload pressures, morale, mental health issues, the ASU acted immediately by instigating a cultural survey.

The ASU has been working with members of the Joint Consultative Committee to make sure ASU members’ voices are heard via this survey.

Importantly, the survey was conducted by an independent company, ensuring employees’ confidentiality in completing the survey and making sure the questions couldn’t be fashioned to provide management with the answers it wanted to hear.

Once the results have been collated, they will be presented through the Joint Consultative Committee.

The ASU will keep the Glenorchy City Council accountable in addressing issues raised by ASU members in the survey.

The ASU deals with issues as they arise at workplaces right across Tasmania.

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