Thank your ASU delegate for the work they do! Across our workplaces, every day, there are ASU members getting support from our union’s amazing and dedicated workplace delegates.

Whether it’s supporting a member being treated unfairly by a boss, negotiating better wages and conditions or just being there for members as a respected and trusted workmate, ASU delegates are there for members.

It’s a voluntary role they perform on top of all the work and other commitments we all juggle in our lives, but it’s important and fulfilling.

The work of delegates often happens behind closed doors –  saving a member’s job or expanding employment conditions at the bargaining table.

And I’m privileged to see the results of our delegates’ efforts every day.

At our upcoming delegates conference, I’ll be thanking our workplace delegates for their amazing commitment to our union and its members.

I also want to thank them here and encourage each of you to thank your ASU delegate for the work they do.

You may not see everything they do, but they make a huge contribution and deserve our thanks.

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