Member activism is thriving across the ASU.

Whether in Victoria, or Tasmania, ASU members are taking action to get a better deal at work and stand up against unfair decisions that would affect their jobs

Industrial action is continuing at Darebin City Council, Brotherhood of St Laurence, and Country Fire Authority.  At all these workplaces ASU members are determined to get a fair deal in enterprise agreements that are currently being negotiated.

Over recent weeks, ASU members from across our industries rallied in Geelong against proposed cuts in the City of Greater Geelong budget. These cuts would have a terrible impact on workers’ and on community services. Members of our union, with support from community and union allies, were able to secure significant improvements in the Council budget after applying campaign pressure. There is more work to be done in Geelong and at libraries and we will be vigilant, by members side and pushing for accountability all the way.

Members are fighting back against the threat of forced council amalgamations in Tasmania. They are lobbying politicians, speaking up at public forums and even letterboxing in the depth of winter. their determination is something to see

Every member of the ASU is important, and we value the contribution each makes to our collective efforts to improve the work-lives of members and the fairness of our communities.

And we are proud to be by your side.

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