Several issues this month have emphasised how the ASU is constantly working for its members and is vigilant on their behalf.

From standing up for our members against unwarranted attacks by developers, councillors and other vested interests, to winning major concessions from state governments over poor policy proposals, the ASU has been militant in protecting the 20,000 plus of you who rely on our collective protection.

In Victoria, the ASU spoke up for members involved in town planning as a corruption report revealed the depths developers and their cohorts were willing to plumb to force changes to zoning through councils.

The ASU reminded the public it is workers who endure the worst of this insidious practice to influence outcomes, and the attacks made on council workers for the actions of others are unwarranted.

At the same time, the ASU’s campaign against forced amalgamations in Tasmania has borne fruit, with the state government conceding it will not follow its original plan to unilaterally push smaller councils into unequal mergers with larger ones. This is a major victory in what is an ongoing campaign.

There are campaigns going on in every sector, and our organisers and delegates are working hard to bring every one of our members the conditions and pay they deserve and work hard for.

Every member of the ASU is important, and we value the contribution each makes to our collective efforts to improve the work lives of members and fairness in communities.

We are proud to be by your side.

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