We are determined to protect, promote and improve the working conditions and entitlements of members and to build the strength of our union.

Members working conditions and entitlements are our focus at workplaces across Victoria and Tasmania. And this focus is really delivering for members.

The ASU makes a difference for workers every day. Just one recent example is at Whittlesea City Council where a long term plan together with campaigning by an active delegate, supported by their ASU Organiser, brought back in-house 15 previously outsourced positions.

But the rules are stacked against working people, making campaigns that improve member’s conditions and job security hard fought. Big wins like Portable Long Service Leave and Equal Pay for SACS workers; and single workplace wins like insourcing jobs at the City of Whittlesea can take years.

The ASU is strongly supporting the Change the Rules campaign because it is in the interest of ASU members for the rules to change.

Changing the Rules so all Australians can have jobs they can count on; it’s easier to bargain for fair pay rises; and so working women get a fair deal will be good for workers in every industry.

The Australian Labor Party and The Greens have committed to Change the Rules for working people. And if they get elected, we will hold them to account for that commitment.

Hundreds of ASU members attended the recent Change the Rules protests in Melbourne and Launceston. You can see the passion ASU members have for changing the rules here

This campaign to change the Rules isn’t only happening in our workplaces. The ACTU has made its largest ever buy of television ads and you can check out some of the ads.

Supporting the campaign is easy – share the ads with your workmates, and pledge to vote for a party that will Change the Rules.

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