When we are discussing the work of ASU members, we often say members of our union provide the services Australians rely on every day.

We are proud of the work done by each member of our union done in communities right across Victoria and Tasmania.  And the importance of this work, along with the contribution that ASU members make to their communities, is extraordinary.

But it’s not until we start to explain the breadth of the work done by members of our union that the hugely positive impact we have in communities becomes apparent.

From maintaining the vital infrastructure that keeps communities safe and connected, preparing for bushfires by conducting fuel reduction burns to running the libraries at that are a haven for so many, ASU members do critical work.

And when lives are in crisis, it’s members of our union who are there to lend support and provide the services that make a difference at some of the most challenging times in people lives.

Even the most basic utilities are only available because of the work of members of our union. They are critical to getting water and energy to our homes.  And when one day we will be able to fly again, it’ll be ASU members who answer the phone when we call Qantas.

It’s just not possible to list the thousands of ways ASU members keep Australia running. But one thing is sure, it’s never just a glib line when we talk about the importance of the work performed by members of our union.

Together we provide the services Australians rely on every day.

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