Our union isn’t afraid to try new things or take on significant challenges. And that is a big part of why members of our union win.

Across Victoria and Tasmania, and in each of the industries where ASU members deliver essential services, there are many examples of real wins that we can all be proud of. We can’t list them all but here are a few.

In the Social and Community Services Sector, the Morrison Government included funding for the final equal pay increases in the recent budget. This is a historic win, delivering over a quarter of a billion dollars to the sector to cover the equal pay increase scheduled for December this year. And it only happened because ASU members across the country used our collective strength as workers to protect members interests.

Delegates from metro and regional councils recently met online with the new Victorian local government minister – letting him know about the priorities and concerns of ASU members. A meeting like this that has the potential to provide long term benefits was only possible because our union is a forward-thinking and modern organisation.

And in Tasmania, the campaigning effort of the ASU is unparalleled.  Recent campaigning from worksite to worksite in the north-west in support of the ACTU’s ‘For The Workers’ campaign has been effective and prominent.

Our union achieves big things, and in each industry, there is more to do to improve the work-lives of members.

We are confident that ASU members will keep winning because our union is united and strong.

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