The ASU is all about supporting members with their unique needs at every step of their work life.

Our day-to-day focus is on the thousands of worksites where ASU members deliver the services Victorian and Tasmanian communities rely on every day.

We are ambitious about what we can achieve for members of our union – both in industrial negotiations and in pushing for big policy changes to benefit members and the wider community.

Our union, along with the ANMF and SDA, has led the union movement on campaigning for changes to superannuation to make the system fairer – particularly for low paid, temporary and casual workers and women.

Lobbying for big changes in government policy can take years of work, but the payoffs can be big.

Members of our union have travelled to Canberra to lobby politicians, and their passion has led to success.

Because of our union’s dogged campaigning, from July this year, workers earning less than $450 a month will be paid superannuation.

This will make a massive difference in low-income earners’ retirement and shrink the gender superannuation gap that sees too many women retire into poverty.

Whether it’s a workplace campaign or a campaign to change federal law, the is ASU willing to take on big issues for members.

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