It’s never been clearer that ASU members provide the services Australians rely on every day.

Over the last few months, members of our union have been working as part of the national emergency response to address the immediate fire threat and to help communities recover.

ASU members have volunteered to fight the fires that have raged across NSW, Victorian and Tasmania.

They have also been in incident control centres coordinating the firefighting effort, staffing relief centres, clearing roads to isolated communities and providing counselling and support in the days and weeks after the fire has passed.

Very often, this work has been done to support communities hundreds of kilometres away from home.

Other ASU members have stepped-up in their workplace and taken on an additional load while their workmates worked directly on the response and recovery.

And all the while essential services kept being delivered right across Victoria and Tasmania

So to each and every ASU member who has contributed to this extraordinary effort, we say thank you.

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