We are inspired by the ASU members taking action to improve their wages and conditions at work or get their employers to meet existing obligations to workers.

Just a couple of recent examples are ASU members at Moreland City Council striking to demand better pay and conditions. ASU members who work at Launch Housing striking and protesting in support of a classification review to make sure every worker is paid properly. And ASU delegates at Central Highlands Water pushing management for backpay on unpaid allowances.

The common thread is ASU members acting together, led by dedicated ASU delegates.

This collective action is the real essence of our union and the key to our success.

So we want to encourage every member of our union to get involved. Stand with your workmates and demand better from your employer. And stand with other ASU members across our industries to support their efforts.

Whether it is an individual member needing support at work, or workers coming together to improve their wages and conditions at work,  the ASU is by your side.

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