Despite the challenges of last year, our union was able to achieve positive industrial outcomes for members. And this only came about because ASU members stood together.   

2021 will be a year where our union keeps supporting members with their unique needs at every step of their work-life.  

It will also be a year where we focus on two clear priorities; using our collective strength to delivering better pay and conditions and maintaining the safety of workplaces in all our industries. 

Being able to make progress on these two priorities will depend on the sense of common purpose that got us all through the worst of the pandemic. 

It will involve members and delegates across our union campaigning in their workplaces for better conditions and in some instances industry-wide campaigns. At each level, these activities will be driven by the priorities set by members. 

We are positive about the coming year and believe together we can achieve great things for members of our union. 

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