As the end of the year approaches, we want to acknowledge the work of every single member of our union.

Whether in local government, the community sector, the public sector, energy, or administration, our union members have kept our communities and country running.

At the same time, our union’s members have successfully campaigned to make big changes; and stood together at workplaces across Victoria and Tasmania to get a better deal at work.

Due to our union’s commitment to workers, particularly women in the workforce, we made meaningful progress toward all workers having enough superannuation for a decent retirement. We convinced the federal government to abandon its plan to cut employer super contributions and even to extend compulsory employer superannuation payments to all workers.

And at workplaces from Southern Tasmania to northern Victoria and everywhere in between, ASU members have negotiated better pay and conditions. And where that wasn’t possible, they campaigned and even went on strike to get a fairer deal from their employer.

This dedication to delivering essential services in communities and standing by each other to get a better deal at work is what sets members of our union apart.

To those members who can take a break around the Christmas holidays, we hope you have a relaxing time with friends and loved ones.

And to the members of our union who will continue delivering essential services right through December and January, thank you.

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