2020 has been the most challenging year Australia has faced in decades. First bushfires devastated much of the east coast of mainland Australia, and the coronavirus followed soon after.

Through these challenges, the importance of our industries was evident, and the dedication of ASU members to each other, and to the communities we serve, shone brightly.

ASU delegates and Health and Safety Representatives were the champions of our union.

Health and Safety Representatives kept us safe at work at a time when the pandemic was added to existing workplace safety issues.

The commitment of ASU delegates to the welfare of workmates was an inspiration. They made sure thousands of workers were able to continue working, with Covid Safe work practices, when too many employers wanted to stand them down.

And where that wasn’t possible, some ran fundraisers or organised material aid for workers who would have struggled terribly without the union.

Lastly, all members of our union who live or work in metropolitan Melbourne or Burnie, have our special thanks.

The national burden of the Covid-19 pandemic fell most heavily on these places, and the actions of ASU members in the face of the pandemic saved lives in both states.

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, but our union is stronger because of the commitment ASU members showed to each other.

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