The current pandemic is continuing to have an impact on ASU members, both at work and outside work.

Across our industries and states, the effects are very different, from loosened restrictions in Tasmania through to more restrictive measures in metropolitan Melbourne.

Both in Tasmania and Victoria, we still see the genuine need for paid pandemic leave.

The need for this leave will not go away, and we will not stop campaigning for it.

You can sign a petition in support of Paid Pandemic Leave here.

Our experienced organisers and other industrial staff are still meeting with members to provide advocacy, advice and support on industrial and workplace health and safety issues.

And specialist and support staff are wholly focused on the interests of members of our union.

We know everyone’s different and we are here to support you with your unique needs at every step of your work-life.

We are using our collective strength as workers to protect members interests and deliver better outcomes.

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