Every workplace has a culture that sets the unwritten rules of behaviour, some are welcoming and supportive of all workers, and others put workers at risk of harm.

Over the last month, we’ve been able to see the workplace cultures of the Australian Parliament and the Morrison Government in action. We’ve seen power and privilege, allowing the denigration of women and serious risks to workers’ health and safety.

Our union has a very clear position on the kind of workplace culture that allows behaviour like this to occur – it is entirely unacceptable. We will never accept gendered violence in the workplace.

Every single person has a right to a workplace free of all forms of discrimination or harassment.

And every person has a right to be treated equally in society, free from any discrimination based on sex, gender, ethnicity or any other personal trait.

We support actions, like the March for Justice, to make our society safe for everyone, and particularly for women who are more often the target of harassment and discrimination.

And when it comes to workplaces – we take real action against toxic workplace cultures and the systemic undervaluing of the work performed by women. And with the strength of ASU members, we win.

Right now, we are working with dedicated ASU members on the next phase of making our workplaces fair and safe for all workers. These include:

  • implications of the Victorian Auditor General’s Office report into sexual harassment in local government, which reported in December last year
  • pushing for a Tasmanian Commissioner for Gender Equality
  • ensuring implementation of the Gender Equality Act that commits councils and statutory authorities to clear measures to improve gender equality outcomes
  • working with members at the CFA to address ongoing cultural issues of bullying, harassment and gendered violence
  • working to include 20 days paid family violence leave in all Tasmanian local government and SACS agreements.

If you would like to get involved in work around any of these issues, speak to your ASU organiser or let us know at info@asuvictas.com.au

Finally, and most importantly, If you are experiencing harassment or discrimination at work, our message is simple –  the ASU is by your side.

And we’ll remain by your side with support, advice and advocacy to make sure your workplace is a safe place for you to go to work.

If you need assistance with any workplace issues, including instances of gendered violence, contact our Member Contact Centre at info@asuvictas.com.au or 1300 855 570.

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