The ASU is a union for people that deliver the services Australians rely on every day. 

Our communities would not be the same without ASU members delivering services in every local government authority across Victoria and Tasmania, water and power to our homes, or the clerical and transport services that keep Australia moving. 

And without the dedication and compassion of ASU members in the social and community services sector, there would not be the support that vulnerable people in our communities rely on.

Each of these industries faces unique challenges: rate capping, outsourcing and state government wages policy, and wage justice. There are unique challenges faced by ASU members in Tasmania too.

At our annual Delegates Conference being held next week, we will be tackling these big issues. With delegates from across Victoria and Tasmania, we’ll be laying the groundwork for important industry-wide campaigns.

The ASU works to improve the working lives of our members. But we are a union that in addition to improving conditions in individual workplaces also campaigns to change Australia and our industry-wide campaigning is what leads to that change.

We are looking forward to working with delegates attending the conference next week.

And we urge any members who won’t be at the conference to speak with your delegate, ASU Organiser, or the ASU Member Contact Centre (1300 855 570) to find out about the conference outcomes.

By working together, we can make a difference in our workplaces and for working people across Australia.

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