Since the last E-News, elections for our branch of the ASU have been completed.

Along with Deputy Branch Secretary Michelle Jackson, and Assistant Branch Secretaries Leon Wiegard and Melissa Wainwright, we are grateful for the strong support from members and honoured to have been elected to lead our union forward.

We are united behind a very clear agenda – delivering for members.

  • Strong industrial outcomes that recognise the hard work of ASU members and the need for real pay increases
  • Additional benefits for members like career training provided exclusively to ASU members through the Career Launchpad

Our commitment to all members is simple: we will listen to members as we build a better and stronger union.

As we go about strengthening our union, members will be at the heart of everything we do.

We want to hear member’s suggestions and thoughts – so please let us know your ideas for how the ASU can provide better services and better represent you at work.

Together we’ll build a stronger and more united ASU.

Watch Lisa’s message to members




Suggestions for better service or better industrial outcomes

Member suggestions on betters services and better industrial representation from the ASU
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