The issues at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council on Tasmania’s East Coast are well known to most in the Local Government sector. And known all too well to all who live, work, or play within the municipality.

Following the resignation of the previous Mayor, Debbie Wisby, with whom the ASU had many issues, we are hopeful that the election of a new Mayor and the appointment of a new, General Manager will be a defining moment for Glamorgan Spring Bay Council. Only time will tell.

Last month the ASU wrote to all Councillors at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council asking them to commit to using their role as Councillor to work constructively with, and advocate for, workers.

The pledge requires Councillors to commit to maintaining a safe and fair work environment and to always consider the impacts on employees and the community when making decisions.

The pledge also requires Councillors to commit to the values of democracy and transparency in their decision making and to always act in the best interests of the community.

Local government employees are hurt when the reputation of a council is brought into disrepute. It is essential councillors act in the nest interest of the community so workers, and the vital services they provide, can continue effectively.

You can view the pledge that we have asked them to sign here.

To date, we are yet to receive a single pledge back from any Councillor at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council. Time is ticking, and we hope to hear from them all very soon.

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