We’ve come to the end of a challenging year for all workers, including those at MVCC.

The Good
During 2020 ASU members have dealt with OHS issues like new PPE requirements and Covid-safe workplaces, working from home, new methods of performing your roles and reintegrating back into the workplace.

Through all this ASU members have stood up, been heard, and made it possible for MVCC to adapt to the unusual circumstances.

Your ASU delegates worked tirelessly throughout the year in an unprecedented level of consultation, shaping how MVCC responded to issues as they arose, meeting weekly with council officers ensuring the needs of ASU members were heard at all times and achieved a good outcome in the MoU.

The ASU will continue working with management as reintegration ramps up in January.

The Bad
Management didn’t reverse the Transmission of Business clause through the MoU, but a committee of ASU and HR will start working on this in January, and EBA bargaining next year will focus on this.

Change at executive levels led to disruption throughout Council. Your concerns about one appointment have been raised with the CEO and Council, and while we judge all new executives on their performance at MVCC, the ASU will meet with the new Director and CEO to put members’ concerns to them directly.

The Ugly
We continued to see a hard-line approach to disciplinary action despite the unusual circumstances of 2020. We attempted to work with MVCC throughout the year to address this but have seen little or no improvement and expect it will require a harder-line approach in 2021 to see any real change.

Well done to all ASU members for supporting one another this year, and particularly to your delegates for everything they did. Have a safe festive season and we’ll see you in the new year.

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