Community Services Back Pay Win – The ASU is by your side

31 January 2024

It pays to be union!

The Australian Services Union (ASU) has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay for sleepover staff at a community sector employer. The employer had underpaid staff by up to 2 hours per shift going back more than 4 years.

60 current and former staff who have been affected will be eligible for back pay with the highest individual amount being in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The discrepancy was uncovered by the ASU while negotiating the organisation’s new Enterprise Agreement (EA). After investigating the ASU established that staff across 3 sites had been having up to 10hrs per shift recorded as the sleepover component, when the EA only allowed for a maximum of 8hrs to be recorded under the significantly lower sleepover rate.

The Value of ASU Delegates
This achievement would not have been possible without the efforts of trained and committed ASU delegates.

Delegates are vital in identifying workplace issues and working with the ASU office to address them. Behind every major accomplishment of the ASU, stands an active and strong delegate.

Hoping your workplace issues will magically resolve will not be enough.

If you want to see real change that will have better outcomes for your workmates and the people you help, you and your colleagues need to take an active role; and the first step is to elect a union delegate.

Reach out to your organiser or the Member Contact Centre to find out how you too can nominate to become a rockstar ASU delegate.