Your workplace rights on days of wild weather

14 February 2024

The ASU is thinking of members caught up in yesterday’s weather including fire and storms. We know members were involved in emergency response and will continue to support local communities in the days to come. A reminder that your enterprise agreement provides important entitlements that we encourage ASU members to utilise during this period.

Many enterprise agreements now have pressing necessity leave or natural disaster leave. This is a priority claim that the ASU has successfully introduced in many enterprise agreements in recent years. We are continuing to fight for it to be introduced into all enterprise agreements across the state. Yesterday’s weather is a reminder of why it’s so important!

This entitlement provides leave for emergency situations that are unexpected and unplanned or where workers can’t access work or need to leave early to deal with natural disasters such as fire and storm. The exact entitlement will be detailed in your enterprise agreement. If you need time off work to respond to the fire and storms, please ensure you check your Enterprise Agreement and utilise these entitlements.

A reminder that most enterprise agreements also provide leave for volunteer first responders with CFA and SES. Many ASU members are also active volunteers with these organisations and should not be financially penalised for responding to emergency incidents within work hours.

For further information about your entitlements or for advice and support please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570

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