Yarra Ranges SC, enterprise bargaining and the NERR

21 March 2024

We’ve got important news about your workplace rights and the bargaining process.

Council advised recently that they would be issuing you with a Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR). This is basically a heads up from council advising you have a right to be involved and represented during bargaining for a new enterprise agreement.

The great news is that as an ASU member, you already have an automatic bargaining representative, your union! You don’t need to nominate yourself; we’ve got you covered. We will soon be sending out a survey to get your feedback, as well as organising member meetings for you to attend to ensure your voice is heard when discussing your enterprise agreement.

But, if you are keen to be more involved in the bargaining process as an ASU member, your bargaining team would love to have you involved, and its easy for us to arrange it. Contact your ASU organiser, Jacqui Ferreira, on the details below and we can chat about the great opportunity for you to make a direct impact on your workplace conditions.

We’re stronger together. Ask a co-worker to join the ASU to get a better deal on your enterprise agreement. It’s easy to join at https://www.asuvictas.com.au/VICTAS/Join

For more information contact: ASU organiser Jacqui Ferreira | [email protected]