Nominations open for ASU delegates and member representatives on the Whitehorse Consultative Committee.

25 March 2024

Your local ASU delegates play an important role in building and maintaining fair employment conditions and assisting members with individual matters. Local delegates also play an important role in making up the consultative committee where issues affecting all staff are regularly raised.

The consultative committee is a forum where union representatives and management can consult, investigate and communicate about workplace matters. ASU members have excellent representation on the committee from ASU delegates Duane Hirini and Davey Heller but they need your support.

We are calling upon any interested members to put their hand up to be delegates and help represent your workmates. Without you, an important method of providing feedback to management may be lost. If you are interested in what is an important and interesting role, please contact the ASU with your nomination.

What do delegates do?

ASU delegates are the essential link between ASU members at each workplace and the broader union. Effective delegates identify issues and provide information to officials of our union, ensuring members’ rights and conditions are protected. Delegates provide representation, support and advice to members and build the union by providing information and raising awareness of union issues with staff. An ASU delegate is your representative, elected by you.

For further information please contact: ASU organiser Jonathan Smallbone | 0417 105 113 | [email protected]

The ASU is by your side. Talk to a co-worker about the importance of union membership and ask them to join the ASU at

If you require assistance, *please* contact the ASU Member Contact Centre via [email protected] or 1300 855 570 in the first instance with all individual queries or matters.