The Orange Door – Occupational Hazards in the workplace

14 March 2024

ASU members at an Orange Door recently reported the presence of multiple occupational hazards in their workplace – including unmanageable workloads, especially when on duty rotation, inconsistent supervision and significant psychosocial hazards, such as high stress. These members reported the difficulties posed by navigating their own agencies with the structure and guidelines set by Family Services Victoria.

In response, ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan attended the Orange Door in question to undertake an inspection related to suspected breaches of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, in his capacity as an authorised representative of the union. Authorised representatives do not have enforcement powers, but can speak confidentially with all workers present. Tim also met with management on the day of the inspection to discuss the suspected breaches.

Following his inspection, Tim prepared a report which confidentially discussed the suspected breaches and proposed resolutions, which was presented to management. The ASU has received a response which acknowledges the issues, sets out actions already implemented, and advises of the next steps to be taken.

The response provided by management is positive, and the ASU believes that the strategy used at this Orange Door could be replicated to address similar issues and assert change at other hubs around the state.

Are you an ASU member situated at an Orange Door? Does this situation ring a bell? We want to hear from you.

We know that members based at Orange Door sites often share common experiences. We want to talk about these issues and create our strategy to respond together. Let us know if you’re based at an Orange Door site here:  

For matters related to the Orange Door, please contact ASU Organiser Grace Britton at 0417 551 124 or [email protected]