Sentencing Advisory Committee Consultations

03 April 2024

ASU Delegates, Health and Safety Representatives and members have attended consultation forums across Victoria regarding sentencing of occupational health and safety offences.

The Sentencing Advisory Council is conducting the first review of sentencing for occupational health and safety offences in around 20 years.

We know that existing sentences are too weak – not only are employers failing to provide a safe workplace and adhere to their legal duties, but they don’t even bother to train their managers about their health and safety obligations.

ASU members are being exposed to harm every single day because their employer fails to take occupational health and safety seriously.

The ASU continues to advocate for stronger OHS sentencing –
  • Harsher penalties that will deter bosses from exposing workers to harm;
  • Act as a real disincentive to cut corners when it comes to worker safety;
  • Ensure that employers understand that providing a safe workplace is a core business need; and
  • Provide justice for workers that are harmed or killed as a result of unsafe working conditions.
ASU members can still participate and share their views – the deadline for written submissions is 31 March and more information can be found at: