Important meeting to discuss TasWater Enterprise Agreement Bargaining

08 March 2024

Your working rights and conditions are under attack

TasWater wants to change the scope of your Enterprise Agreements from the 3 General Regional Agreements and 1 Senior Employee Agreement to 3 statewide agreements – 1 which will cover Operational employees, 1 for Mechanical and Electrical employees and a General Agreement.

TasWater failed to consult with anyone before proposing this change to scope. This is yet another arrogant move by TasWater and one that has the intent to divide and conquer and remove your hard-fought employment conditions. Additionally, taking employees off the Senior EA onto negotiated contracts is another way to weaken your conditions by creating a bigger divide between workers.

Further, TasWater is entering bargaining in a hostile way with a lack of communication with all unions, failing to respond to emails and again trying to cause division before the first meeting has even been held.

To help us prepare your Log of Claim for bargaining, please complete our quick survey here:

The first EA meeting with TasWater is scheduled for 10am on Wednesday 13 March. This is a preliminary meeting to set the meeting schedule and protocols. The next meeting (yet to be confirmed) will be dealing with the scope issue.

The ASU would like to meet with ALL members following the first EA meeting and ASU Organiser Karen Tantari together with Tasmanian Coordinator Sam Batchelor will be holding an online Statewide meeting (via Microsoft Teams) on:

DATE: Wednesday 13 March
TIME: 12.30pm
MEETING LINK: Click here to join the meeting  

We encourage you to join this extremely important meeting and have your say. Please also invite your work colleagues to join the meeting. Given TasWater’s hostile approach, this EA negotiation is heating up and now more than ever it is critical that we all stay united.

We’re stronger together. Ask a co-worker to join the ASU to get a better deal on your enterprise agreement. It’s easy to join at

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 | [email protected]