Geelong Council Blitz & EA Survey Link

14 March 2024

ASU Delegates and officials hit multiple sites at the City of Greater Geelong last week in preparation for enterprise bargaining starting soon! The ASU visited across indoor and outdoor sites including depots, leisure, civic centre and early childhood to spread the word now is the time to get ready and talk to others about joining the ASU – the Local Government Union.

Even the Addy spread the word - Take a look here.  

We welcomed many new members and had stacks of surveys completed to help inform the ASU bargaining group on what workers want to see in their next Agreement.

If you work at Geelong and haven’t yet completed the survey please fill it out and pass on the link!

If you’d like to get more involved in making COGG a better place to work get in touch with one of the trusty ASU workplace delegates or ASU Organiser Dave Frappa at [email protected]