Flexible Working Arrangement win

01 February 2024

Wayne, a dedicated member of the Australian Services Union (ASU) employed at the City of Melbourne, has become one of the first to benefit from recent legislation changes regarding Flexible Working Arrangements. Wayne, being over 55 years of age, was eligible to request flexible arrangements to enhance his work-life balance.

His initial request faced resistance from his employer. Despite the eligibility criteria, the employer initially rejected Wayne’s plea for a more flexible work schedule. This prompted the ASU to step in, taking the matter to the Fair Work Commission on behalf of Wayne.

After negotiations, the ASU and Wayne’s employer reached a favourable agreement. Wayne’s successful application not only sets a precedent for other employees but also underscores the importance of organisations adapting to the evolving needs of their workforce.

This victory ensures Wayne Halloran can now enjoy a more balanced work-life, contributing to an improved quality of life as he continues his valuable contributions to the City of Melbourne.

Check out the ASU’s dedicated Flexible Work Tool, to check your eligibility at www.asuflexiblework.com.au