BARGAINING UPDATE: ASU and member solidarity results in an improved offer at Devonport CC

13 March 2024

Your ASU bargaining team met with management today.

In summary, council have improved their offer substantially:

Your ASU bargaining team also negotiated an increased offer in the 4th and final year (27/28). An increase of the 4th year percentage to the greater of 3% or a CPI safety net (capped at 6%). The proposal was agreed by management that the increase would be paid from the successful vote and backdated to 1 January and employees would also receive the backpay as soon after the vote as possible by payroll.

Management also agreed to review the span of hours for satellite sites to end at 6pm. This means workers in these areas will retain their entitlements to overtime when working these hours. Your bargaining team will meet again with management in a fortnight.

We expect at this point pending further feedback from members the offer may proceed to vote.

It’s union members sticking together like this that protects and improves your wages and conditions.

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For more information: Contact your ASU delegates or the ASU Member Contact Centre: 1300 855 570 or E: [email protected]