Delegate Profile – Is Hay

31 January 2024

Is Hay is an ASU delegate at VMIAC. Since being elected as delegate in November 2023, union membership at VMIAC has grown by 60%. We asked Is to share their experience as delegate, and their hot tips!

“I nominated as delegate because I wanted to be an active union member in my workplace. I wanted my coworkers to feel empowered and knowledgeable about their rights, as well as to build solidarity and a sense of community between us.”

“As a delegate, I always meet people where they’re at – both in terms of union awareness and their views towards the workplace. One on one conversations with my colleagues have been really effective in growing union presence at VMIAC. Whether someone’s had a positive or negative experience at work, in my conversations I discuss that all workplaces are benefited by a strong union presence.”

“My top tip for those who want to see a greater union presence at their workplace is that you don’t need to wait for something to go wrong. As union members, we know that the benefits of unionism are for all. Our coworkers who aren’t union members yet might only hear this if we talk to them about it!”

Want to add ASU delegate to your CV and list of achievements? Or just wanna be a legend like Is? Please contact:
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