Delegate Profile - Brad Reich, Berry St

03 April 2024

Say hello to our dynamic ASU Delegate Brad Reich. With a rich background in social activism and a strong commitment to workers' rights, Brad is making a significant impact at Berry St.

"I nominated as delegate because I wanted to be an active union member in my workplace. I wanted my coworkers to feel empowered and knowledgeable about their rights, as well as to build solidarity and a sense of community between us."

Brad has been an ASU member for nearly two years, actively engaging in solidarity movements. He believes Unions play a crucial role in empowering workers and fighting exploitation.

As a delegate, Brad is involved in Enterprise Agreement negotiations because he wanted to “ensure workers’ demands were prioritised so we can continue to do our jobs without being overworked and underpaid. Dedication doesn't pay the rent.

Brad attended our most recent Delegates Conference, and he found:
“Networking with other delegates was my key take away from the Delegates Conference. It was fantastic hearing from other delegates about their own workplace experiences, including strategies for EBA negotiations, building union membership, and ways they were advancing the labour movement in their workplaces. I would highly recommend the Conference to other delegates, and encourage others to link up with fellow members to learn and grow from each other."

Are you ready to make a difference like Brad? Whether you're interested in becoming a Delegate or simply want to contribute to a stronger workforce, reach out to us at:
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