ASU members: win on silica safety at Shepparton CC

17 April 2024

Congratulations, ASU members! Thanks to your unwavering stance on unsafe work practices, we're pleased to announce a significant victory for workplace safety.

Council is now prioritising your safety by taking the necessary measures to comply with safety regulations regarding silica exposure. Your dedication to standing up for your rights has made a tangible difference. But this victory doesn’t just highlight the importance of collective action — it underscores why being an ASU member matters.

As part of the ASU, you have a powerful voice that can effect real change. Together, we have the strength to hold employers accountable and ensure that your rights and safety are protected. Now more than ever, is the time to encourage your non-union colleagues to join us. By standing together as a united front, we can amplify our collective voice and make an even greater impact. We can ensure that every worker has the support and protection they deserve.

Pass this newsletter on to a non-member and let them know it was you and your ASU colleagues who won this victory. The ASU always puts members' health and safety first, and we will continue to stand by you in the fight for a safe workplace.

The ASU is by your side. Talk to a co-worker about the importance of union membership and ask them to join the ASU at