City of Whittlesea: why haven’t you received your uniformed worker allowance?

22 March 2024

As part of the recent EA negotiations, you fought for – and won – a uniformed worker allowance. The deal? If Council requires you to wear a uniform to do your job, then you receive $10 per week.

So why isn’t this showing up in your pay? ASU delegates asked this question at the first Consultative Committee meeting of the year.

Here’s the response we received: It’s taking CoW some extra time to update payroll with your new conditions. CoW expect this issue to be resolved shortly after Easter. When the issue is resolved, CoW have committed to backpay this allowance, starting from the beginning of the agreement.

This was raised by members to delegates and to the ASU organiser – good on you to those of you who pointed this out. We will ensure that this is followed up in a timely manner. And if it isn’t, we have options for escalating this issue.

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For further information or to become a delegate please contact:
ASU organiser Georgia Symons | 0477 666 328 | [email protected]