City of Port Phillip abandons aged care

22 February 2024

Last night, the majority of City of Port Phillip councillors voted to exit the delivery of council run aged care services, perhaps the most valued and longstanding service provision provided to the Port Phillip community.

This will mean around 40 workers will lose their jobs, many will be made redundant, with some possibility of redeployment, this being the employer's first obligation.

Worried residents and clients attended the meeting last night, delivering strong moving speeches to urge councillors not to get out of the service, but despite this the decision was still made.

Councillors who endorsed the exit:
    Rhonda Clark
    Marcus Pearl
    Heather Cunsulo
    Peter Martin
    Andrew Bond
    Christina Sirakoff 
Councillors who were against the exit:
    Robbie Nyaguy
    Louise Crawford
    Tim Baxter 

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