Bass Coast Shire Council: ASU update on OHS visit

05 March 2024

Last Tuesday, ASU officials Colin Houghton (organiser) and Clay O’Brien (OHS project officer) attended sites across Bass Coast Shire Council.

They spoke to staff about the obligations of council with respect to OHS.

Clay and Colin also sought member feedback on the risk assessment performed by Hazcon for small plant and chemical storage. This risk assessment had been requested by ASU following member feedback about the seating in the small plant and complaints of ongoing back issues. Disappointingly, this risk assessment failed to meet requirements.

Members were not consulted through the process of this risk assessment which is a clear breach of the OH&S Act.

We have written to council to address some of the issues with this process. 

The ASU will continue to work with members and management around this issue and encourage members to reach out with any questions or further feedback.

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If you would like further information, please contact your delegate Corin Spencer, Charmaine Blackwell, Brendan Hill or ASU organiser Colin Houghton [email protected]